introducing our new elite range of weapons!

The elite range is OUR exciting new SELECTION of some of the best and most unique airsoft weapons currently available. the RANGE OFFERs regualr and veteran players the chance to try OUT one of their dream pew's FOR THE DAY, OR to 'try before YOU buy' A PREMIUM WEAPON.

Because of the higher value, players must meet the requirements below to hire weapons from this range. This is not meant to disadvantage new players, as the conditions are there to make sure these weapons are being used by experienced airsoft players, who understand the limitations and requirements of using high end gear, and as such are much less likely to find themselves with a pricey repair bill if they damage the weapons through reckless/careless usage.


  • Players must have a MINIMUM of 12 months Airsoft experience, and a current valid UKARA registration.
  • Players must be 18+ years.
  • Photographic ID will be required to hire ELITE RANGE weapons.
  • Only specific ammunition brands (ASG/Blasters/Madbull/TM etc) will be allowed to be fired through ELITE RANGE weapons due to their precision barrels/hop chambers, and the high expense of repairs to these weapons that could result from using cheaper ammunition.
  • Players are expected to treat/use these weapons as they would their own kit, with respect and care. Weapons returned to the point of hire in a heavily soiled state will be charged a cleaning charge of £5. Examples of this include mud in the barrel/receiver/magwel and magazines containing dirt/mud etc... Look after them!