*coming soon*

Fire teams!


Very soon SIXMIL.com will be offering a range of special package deals and offers specifically for players booking as a group, and who want to create a bad-ass squad to get the most from their airsoft experience.


FIRE TEAM packages will offer a group of players (3 or more) hiring from SIXMIL.com numerous free upgrade options to their squad based on the size of the group, and the base packages hired by each member.

---These upgrades will increase as the size of the group booking increases---

For example, a team of 3 might be able to choose options such as a pack of free smoke grenades or weapon upgrades, or a booking of 4 loadouts could be able to swap out one team members primary weapon for a specialist or support weapon, 5 and we might be looking at free COMM's radios for the group, 6 and we could throw in two specialist weapons like the popular DMR sniper rifle and a heavy support gun, and so on.

We are working on the final touches to this new system, but when it goes live this page will detail the upgrade options you will be able to pick depending on the size of your group, and the hire packages you are ordering.

And here’s the best bit - importantly for you guys it won't cost you a penny, these upgrades will all be FREE, and are aimed to further encourage team play and the creation of a seriously awesome and effective FIRE TEAMS!


Watch this space for more info...