In early 2019 we teamed up with the awesome West Midlands Airsoft with the aim of creating the best mobile airsoft experience ranges in the UK, and we think we’ve pretty much nailed it!


The ranges themselves are 16m long and 3.3m wide, and are fully enclosed and lit firing ranges that can be configured with a variety of targets to suit the event or audience we’re engaging. From authentic military metal full auto ‘plinking’ targets, to top end Xcortech automated and interactive electronic target systems for the marksmen out there, these ranges really are better than any other Airsoft mobile event ranges available in the UK.

As well as being covered in a fully enclosed and incredibly tough PVC shell that BB’s cannot penetrate (tested on our weapons firing 0.2g BB’s at upto 350 feet per second at <2 feet from walls), the ranges internal walls are double skinned in velocity dampening safety netting to reduce richochets and add another level of safety to the ranges.

All our range staff are experienced airsoft marshels, who have years of experience within West Midlands Airsoft. The ranges are fully risk-assessed and we have full public liability insurance covering their use.

The SIXMIL and West Midlands AIrsoft Ranges will be making appearences at festivals and events across the Midlands this summer, giving people who may never have experienced Airsoft or any other shooting sports before a chance to have some real fun testing their speed and accuracy using weapons from the extensive SIXMIL Armoury. These really are loads of fun for all ages, and like everything we do at SIXMIL, I’m sure these will continue to improve and develope over the coming 12 months!

For further infomation or enquiries about the SIXMIL and West Midlands Airosoft Ranges you can email or