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Specialist weapons

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*** Important INFo regarding m249 - Please read below ***

* Please note, the M249 is a VERY heavy weapon, and as such is not suited to smaller or younger players! No refund will be given by persons hiring the weapon and returning it to the hire point due to finding the weapon too heavy or uncomfortable to handle for the gameday. DO NOT underestimate how heavy this weapon can be for a single person of smaller frame to carry all day!

** This weapon is best hired by larger framed persons or small groups of players wanting to add a support weapon to their squad, taking it in turns to use the weapon throughout the gameday, to avoid fatigue and enhance their game experience.

*** Please state on the booking form whether you require a full or half day hire - should you request a half day hire please state whether you'd prefer:  morning - lunch break (08:30-12:00) / lunch break - end game (12:30-16:00).

**** This weapon is NOT recommended for brand new players experienceing Airsoft for the first time!!!

*** Important info regards AS01 - please read below ***

  • Due to the extra game rules around distance of engagement for 450+ fps bolt action sniper rifles, and the associated safety issues around this, we will only hire the AS01 Sniper Rifle to players that have already played a MINIMUM of 3 games on site, or hold a valid UKARA registration.

  • All players hiring a AS01 Sniper Rifle MUST have an appropriate sub-350 fps secondary weapon with them on the game day, as per general site rules around the use of bolt action sniper rifles. This is due to the minimum engagement rules. These can also se hired from if required - ie Sidearms/SMGS.

  • If you wish to hire the AS01 Sniper Rifle for a game day at Stormforce Airsoft, players MUST pre-book their sniper slot with Stormforce Airsoft first (see Stormforce Airsoft website - for full details on how to do this). This is due to Stormforce Airsofts restriction of 400+ fps sniper slots to 10 per game on a single game day. Please confirm you have booked your slot and received confirmation of this in your order form when booking the AS01. *This rule does NOT apply to West Midlands Airsoft events*